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Troubleshooting And Repair Of Common Water Heater Problems

Water Heater Repair

The water heater is essential to home equipment especially if you live in a cold place. Water heaters come in many types and various sizes. Traditional water heaters consume a lot of energy and are large whereas the modern systems are more energy efficient. There are two main types of heaters, gas, and electric used commonly. The common aspect is the insulated tank which keeps the water hot and thermostat to control the temperature. If your water heater is suddenly not working, it is mostly because of the heating elements which have gone wrong. While there are many affordable water heater repair services available for repair, you can also do some troubleshooting and repair yourself quickly if you have some experience of appliance repair as per experts at

Below are some solutions to common problems in your hot water systems

No hot water

Most hot water problems arise due to issues with heating elements. Before you start work on the system, power off the water heater and water supply. If you suspect heating elements is a problem, you can replace it by removing those parts, and they are not that expensive. Removing and replacing them is not that complex in the case of malfunction.
If the heating elements are not the culprit, then the problem can be with the thermostat. Fixing this issue is not an easy task but can be easily replaced, and it is not very expensive. Also note that the lifespan of a hot water system is between 10 to 15 years if it is older than that, then it is time to replace the system and buy a new one than repair the existing system. If your home gets hard water supply, then the chances of your appliance going bad are high. Hence regular inspection is needed. If you are buying a new system, specifically purchase a model which works well with hard water.

Not enough hot water

If your water heater was producing hot water earlier and now your unit is not giving you enough, then there could be a few reasons for it.
Faulty plumbing where hot and cold water is getting mixed
If you are getting lukewarm water from a shower, then the upper heating element needs a replacement. If you get a spurt of hot water for a short time and then cold water, then lower heating element should be replaced.
If you have always felt that the appliance is not giving you enough water then compared to your hot water needs the system is undersized, and it is time to replace with a bigger size machine.

Water leaks

That can be because of a leak in pipes, the tank or the valve. To repair this, close the water supply and the power to the heater. Depending on where the leak is, empty the tank of the system and change the part where it is leaking.

Odd colored water and ad odor

If the water is colored or if the water smells bad, then the pipes or the water heater tank is corroded inside. That calls for a replacement of the anode rod.

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