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Truths And Myths Of Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

According to the popular Delaware Roofing and Siding Contractors, our home roofs are only as good as its weakest area; since a roof is a part of the whole when featuring a breach in weatherproofing, the whole property can become more vulnerable. As indicated in the website if there is a tear, crack, curl or any manner of a breach in one area of a roof, a leak may be revealed at any point in your building.

Our home roofs feature a list of challenges all unique to such properties. These structures usually need to cover vast amounts of square footage to get the job done. Hence, regular roof maintenance has become mandatory for the homeowners. In fact, a roof inspection is said to be an integral part of our home roofing. When ignored, the gravity will eventually find a way for rainwater to reveal itself in our building if our roof is not fully weatherproofed or properly maintained in accordance o the roof inspection report. A proper roof maintenance ensures the homeowner that his or her home roof will offer a right protection in all parts of the year.

However, there are few widespread truths and myths about the roof maintenance that prevail in the minds of many homeowners. Such thoughts even make them not to invest some money on the roof maintenance. For the benefit of such homeowners, some of these home roofing myths are discussed in this short write up.

Most of the homeowners have a misconception that roof warranty offered by the contractor takes care of everything about roofing. This is not true as most of the warranties only include roofing materials such as tiles, shingles but not the important underlayment. Of course, some of the professional contractors offer both materials as well as any workmanship defects. This does not indicate that a homeowner can skip roof maintenance as recommended by the contractor or supplier. In fact, in many cases, an improper maintenance can even void the warranty.

Homeowners more often think that there is no preventive maintenance is needed for their home roofing. Here one needs to know the fact that regular warranties can cover things like material and workmanship but not the wear and tear of the roofing. Hence, regular maintenance is mandatory whether your roof is covered under warranty or not. Just like in the case of automobiles we use in our daily life, preventive maintenance is a must as our roofs protect us daily. Ignoring a preventive maintenance will be proved costly later and will force the homeowner to pay a huge amount for a major repair.

Many homeowners fail to check inside of the home as many issues of the roof will reflect inside.
When it’s time to do roof maintenance check, start on the inside of the home by checking the attic or crawlspace for dampness or drip spots. If you do find some spots, then make a note of the area that you found them in so that you can check the same area on the outdoor check up on your roof. Cultivating the habit of roof maintenance is simple as well as cost-effective.