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Plants That Can Repel Mosquitoes

plants repel mosquitoes

There are some unusual properties in many plants, but many people do not know that a few plants can also be used to drive away mosquitoes from the vicinity of a home. The reality is that there are many plants which can be used as a way to drive away a wide variety of insects, as per the verified articles posted on sites like You may grow some of the most useful plants in this context in your home garden by using the tips listed on wonderful and incredible online sites such as Lavender is among the plants which can be terrific at the task of driving away all sorts of mosquitoes. Planting lavender in your home garden can be a brilliant idea.

The obvious thing is that the uses and applications of lavender are not limited only to driving away the various species of mosquitoes from the inside of your home. Lavender can add a lot of pleasant fragrance and aroma to the various rooms of your home. It is true that the aroma from lavender can keep you in a pleasant mood for the times to follow. There are some mandatory tips that you must follow if you want to be successful in growing the lavender plant in your home garden. The amount of sunlight needed by the lavender plant is more than most people perceive. The lavender plant will also require high-quality water drainage because clogging of water can prove to be dangerous for this plant.

It is because of the need for a fair amount of sunlight and top notch drainage that the lavender plant can not only survive but also thrive in areas which are pretty warm. Marigold can also be among the plants which are efficient at keeping the mosquitoes away from your home. When the mosquitoes are kept away, then it is obvious that you will not have to bear the impact of mosquito bites and suffer from all the consequences. So, please never shy away from planting plants like lavender and marigold in your home garden in order to ensure a safe distance from all types of mosquitoes. Finding out about other plants that have such features is also the correct method at all times.

Many of you may be surprised pleasantly to find out that the citronella grass can be a surprisingly astonishing strategy to keep your home free from mosquitoes of many species. The truth is that catnips can also come to your aid when you want an all out attack on the mosquitoes that have been invading your home and bringing harm to the members of your family.

You must choose plants which are easy to grow and the methods to keep them alive are not complex. At the same time, you must opt for plants that not only drive away all sorts of mosquitoes but also have other uses such as increasing the beauty of your garden. The fragrance and appeal of the flowers of such plants must also be along the correct and desired lines.

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