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How To Shine Your Tires Using Tire Shiners

Tire Shiners

The first thing people notice in a car is how shiny it is. You may have a shiny car with some excellent bodywork and painting, but little flaws like a tire not looking as bright as the car draws attention. When you want to make your vehicle stand out, tire dressing is one little thing that makes a lot of difference. Shiny tires add the last touch to give your car an overall clean look. Tire Shinners are one of the best ways to give your vehicle a perfect look.

Experts at say that both, water based and solvent based of tire dressing available in the market help protect your tires and give a shiny. But traditionally, solvent based formulas were used to achieve a glossy finish. But these days, water based solutions which are nontoxic and non-inflammable are available in the market.

A closer look at the advantages of both types

Water based Solutions:

This type of thinners are non-toxic and hence very environment-friendly.
Easy to apply and you need not worry of getting it on your clothes
Since it is chemical free, if accidentally sprayed on the paint job will not spoil it.
Is not sticky and hence easy to clean from the sidewalls of the tire.
Is good for jobs that need several layers of a coating as it will layer properly.

Solvent Based Solutions

If you clean your car with water regularly, using solvent based thinner provides greater resistance to water
Lasts longer than water based tire thinners
Offers more shine due to the presence of oil base in the solution.

Even though solvent based solutions offer more advantages than water based, it is not very eco-friendly as it has chemicals in them. Also, you should be careful while application as these solutions may crack or dry the tires if not applied correctly.
Also, take care to spray it properly, else there are chances that you might damage the paint jobs on the body of the car.

Whatever you choose, read the reviews and also follow the instructions on how to apply.

Here are general instructions on how to shine your tires.

Clean your car tires thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner or any other cleaner. Clean the rims of the tire with a brush before you apply the cleaner. Spray with a towel.
After cleaning, make sure to remove all traces of the cleaner and keep the rubber dry.
Apply the thinner of your choice with any applicator that comes with the thinner.
Spread the formula evenly over the entire surface of the car, try to get an even coat. If needed you can apply it a few times.
Allow it to dry for a few minutes. If some spots are not completely dried, you can take a cloth to dry it by gently dabbing on it.
If you prefer it shinier, apply the formula again and repeat the steps.

Regarding application, it is up to you to choose from spray, gel, foam, etc. But some products can be flammable so beware!

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